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About the BRICS+ Youth Innovation Summit 2024

The BRICS Youth Innovation Summit 2024 is a program designed to bring together young innovators and entrepreneurs from the BRICS countries BRICS+ to explore opportunities for collaboration, share knowledge and experience, and develop innovative solutions to common challenges. The program is hosted by the South African  BRICS Youth Association and aims to promote youth entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development.

The rationale behind this program is to create a platform for young innovators and entrepreneurs from the BRICS countries to connect, learn from each other, and work together to address common challenges. The BRICS countries are among the fastest-growing economies in the world and have a vast pool of talented and innovative young people. By bringing them together, the program seeks to leverage their collective creativity, knowledge, and skills to promote economic growth, sustainable development, and social progress.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact. Participants will attend plenary sessions, panel discussions, and workshops led by experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators from South Africa and other BRICS countries. They will also participate in networking events, where they can collaborate with their peers and develop innovative solutions to common challenges.

The program aims to provide participants with a unique learning and networking experience that will enhance their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, foster cross-cultural understanding, and promote international collaboration. By creating a platform for young innovators and entrepreneurs from the BRICS+ countries to connect and work together, the program seeks to build a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable future for all.

The objectives of the BRICS+ Youth Innovation Summit 2024:

  1. Create an international platform for young entrepreneurs from BRICS+ and the global South to present and showcase their ongoing projects.
  2. Foster peer-to-peer networks between young entrepreneurs working on innovative projects in similar or interlinked sectors
  3. Educate young entrepreneurs on the opportunities presented by the BRICS and other South-South/multilateral platforms.
  4. Connect young entrepreneurs with mentorship from experts and industry leaders to enhance their work.
  5. Provide a platform for investors and businesses from BRICS and the global South to partner with young entrepreneurs and invest in promising innovations.

Proposed Sub-Themes for Innovation

Addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices through innovative solutions in energy, agriculture, and resource management.

Exploring the impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, on industries and economies.

Ensuring that innovation benefits all segments of society, with a focus on inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility, such as developing affordable and accessible water treatment solutions for rural communities and monitoring and addressing water pollution.

Discussing the role of technology in transforming education, enhancing accessibility, and preparing youth for the future job market.

Exploring innovations in healthcare, biotechnology, and digital health that contribute to improved well-being and healthcare systems.

Benefits for Participants

Connect with fellow young innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals from BRICS+ nations, fostering international relationships and collaborations.

Gain insights from experts, thought leaders, and peers on cutting-edge innovations, industry trends, and best practices across various sectors.

Attend workshops, training sessions, and interactive activities that enhance technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills crucial for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape

Engage in discussions with participants from different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds, broadening your perspective and understanding of global challenges and opportunities

Have the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry leaders, policymakers, and successful entrepreneurs who can provide valuable guidance and mentorship

Showcase your own innovative projects, ideas, or start-ups to a diverse audience, gaining visibility and potential support for further development.

Experience and appreciate the cultural diversity of BRICS+ nations through cultural events, performances, and exhibitions, fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Gain access to possible resources, research opportunities, and funding avenues that can support the development and implementation of innovative projects.

Benefit from the exposure and visibility that comes with participating in an internationally recognized event, potentially attracting attention from investors, media, and stakeholders.

Receive a certificate of participation, recognising and validating your involvement in the summit, which can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Summit outcomes

During the Summit delegates will have the opportunity to Network with their peers and experts. After the Summit delegates will be added to the SABYA Young Entrepreneurs Network database to stay in touch, share updates on their projects and receive notice of opportunities.

During the Summit delegates will present their projects to a panel of industry experts from different BRICS+ countries who will provide written/verbal feedback to share insights with emerging entrepreneurs. After the Summit delegates will be able to continuing reaching out to mentors via the SABYA Young Entrepreneurs Network.

During the Summit businesses and investors from different BRICS+ countries will be invited to listen in on the presentations made by the young entrepreneurs, to identify potential projects and businesses they might want to partner with or support. After the Summit the profiles of delegates and their projects will be shared with the network of businesses and investors who have expressed interest and SABYA will facilitate further correspondence between relevant parties.

During the Summit a selected group of adjudicators will also be assessing the project presentations being made to select the best project from each of the sub-theme categories. After the Summit the top 6 entrepreneurs and innovators will be invited and supported by SABYA and its partners to participate in other international entrepreneurship and business platform and programmes e.g., Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2024.

Innovate to Empower: Building Futures, Transforming Societies
15-16 May 2024
The Innovation Hub

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